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We're a team of skilled developers, who deeply believe in Privacy and Free Speech, working on online solutions for e-commerce and hosting, for everyone.

We're also maintaining serveral open-source projects on Github.

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Why support us

As we don't provide any paid services yet, we rely on advertisments to finance our free services, which is something neither we nor you like. Plus, supporting us gives you the Donator badge on Netdex, the Patron role on Discord, and for $5+/mo we will even send you stickers.

How to support us

If there are any questions or you want to use another payment method, contact [email protected] [ PGP Key ].

Our servers

You can view live uptime statistics at status.hell.sh, powered by UptimeRobot.


This server handles requests and data storage for most projects.

Nürnberg, DE


This server handles requests and data storage for Boost.ink.

Nürnberg, DE


This server is currently used for making Oxro.

Nürnberg, DE


This 18 TB server is hosting storage.hell.sh and user-generated content.

Falkenstein, DE


This server handles emails and provides IP addresses for NexIP.

Frankfurt, DE

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