Compact Game Notation (CGN) Specification

Compact Game Notation (followingly, "CGN") is an alternative to Portable Game Notation, made to fit chess games in as few bytes as possible.


Tags have been borrowed from PGN with a couple of exceptions:


The first bit of a move determines if this is a control move (1) or a played move (0).

If a played move was given, there are 15 more bits to it (totaling 2 bytes):

However, if a control move was given, this is not an actual move but rather an indicator with a total length of 1 byte and the remaining 7 bits will declare its meaning:

Compact Game Notation (CGN) Specification — Copyright (c) 2018, Tim Speckhals

Version: 2018-07-23 — Last Modified: 2018-08-01 (Fixed Typo)

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