Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy applies to all services offered by Hellsh Ltd. (UK), but excludes services that have separate privacy policies that do not incorperate this Privacy Policy.

A normal request

When you're visiting a web page, we store

in correlation for up to 6 months in Germany or France. We use this information to mitigate attacks.

However, not all requests will reach us — most of the times, Cloudflare delivers a cached response. In addition to our logging, Cloudflare also logs the same information — cached response or not. However, Cloudflare will already have forgotten about your request after 4 hours.


Additionally, if any errors occured during your request, we will store:

in correlation for up to 6 months. We use this information to fix these errors, obviously.


Some of our websites, namely,

include Google Analytics, which stores

for up to 26 months for analytical purposes, such as determining new translations and improving upon pages where users often leave

Login with Google

When you log in with Google into one of our websites which support this feature, we will store

in Germany for the purpose of displaying who you are logged in as and, if applicable, showing it on your public profile, except for your email address of course.

Login with Password

When you chose to create an account for one of our websites which support this feature, we will store

in Germany, in correlation for the purpose of securing your account, displaying on your profile and sending personalized emails.

Email Forwarding

For our services which provide email forwarding (currently, that is only Netdex.), we store

in Germany, in correlation on our email server. Additionally, for all incoming emails, we store:

which we use to improve our spam filters and compliance.

Currently, our email servers do not enforce encryption for receiving and sending, but try to enable it when available, simply because too many providers don't support it yet.

Github Apps

For our Github App AnyLint we download your repository to our server in Germany for the duration of the code analysis in order to provide the code analysis.

We want to be as transparent about our Privacy Policy as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact [email protected]. [ PGP Key ]

Fun Fact: Facebook doesn't have a Privacy Policy, they only have a "Data Policy."